How do we raise over $10,000 in ONE hour!

100 Women


$100 Donation each


$10,000 to a New Hampshire Charity

100+ Women Who Care Southern NH’s chapter is a community of women supporting our neighborhoods and local charities, through networking and simple fundraising.

100 Women Who Care is a worldwide organization that has as its foundation, a simple but powerful idea:

Our members are philanthropically minded women who may not necessarily have the time or resources needed to make a big impact in their community.  Our goal as an organization is to give our members that opportunity.  As well as heightening the awareness of our members to the needs of our community – their donations have a powerful impact through collective giving. 

The 100 Women Who Care Southern NH chapter meets (3) times a year to vote on charitable organizations that serve our community.  In lieu, of a 4th meeting – our members will pledge $100 annually to BridgesNH – our flagship charity.  If you would like to join like-minded women who want to make a positive impact in their community without a large time commitment – we may be the perfect organization for you! 

Here is how it works:

  • Members nominate and present the charitable organizations that are considered at each meeting.

  • Members commit to attend a (1) hour meeting once every 4 months

  • Members bring a blank check and commit to donating $100 each meeting ($400 annual commitment)

  • Members vote by ballot on the nominated charities – majority rules and the chosen charity receives the collective donation

  • 100% of your donation goes directly to the chosen local Charity

  • No Fund Raising required – no additional time commitment needed

More About Bridges

Bridges is a nonprofit organization that provides free and confidential services to victims and survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, teen dating violence, child sexual abuse, elder abuse, stalking, and harassment. We provide crisis intervention, emergency shelter, court advocacy, support groups, and education and outreach to both women and men.

Bridges is supported by the United Way and is a member of the New Hampshire Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence. Click the button below to learn more about why we support Bridges.